The 4 Most Popular HGH Products

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Just like Ayurvedic medicine, our belief in homeopathic medicine goes unquestioned, due to its risk free and apparent positive results.

To build a healthy body we eat different kinds of foods and supplements just so that we can live disease free for as long as possible.

Do you know if everything you eat is really necessary for your body?

Or to put it another way, does your body utilize most of what you take in?

The same question can be asked in the case of popping pills.

Especially when it is about your body toning and its internal metabolism, choosing the right product can always bring a win-win situation.

Before ingesting HGH products, we should know why we specifically need them.

How do you know if you should buy HGH products and if yes, which would be that perfect one?

Do you look 21?

When you were growing up you enjoyed the changes you went through.

The feeling of being a teenager and then stepping into the responsibilities of adulthood was a journey of surprising changes in your behavior, physical beauty, and mental perception.

However, this transformation would be good if it weren’t so short lived as aging quickly takes over and the ravishing look of the 20′s becomes the wrinkled look of the 30′s. And that’s the battle we wage in holding onto that perfect 20′s look.

Few win but most lose. So what is the secret to this victory over aging?

Why HGH is good?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that is secreted from the pituitary gland in our brain controls how we grow up physically and mentally.

HGH is responsible not just for our growth from childhood to adulthood but also controls our rate of aging. It is the secret to the good looks of those who step into their 40′s but still look younger than their age.

Our body secretes HGH at its peak during the 20′s but as we gradually step into the 30′s this secretion keeps lowering and so our body also acts slower.

Hence, maintaining the level of HGH is essential for good and healthy living.

Why do we need HGH supplements?

So now the next thought that triggers our mind is, what should we do to keep this HGH flowing within us?

Two simple steps are exercise and sleep along with a healthy diet of course. However, this is not enough for your body to maintain that ideal HGH content level it needs to give you that younger look.

This is where our HGH supplements comes into play. It helps in compensating for the HGH production that is otherwise lost due to early aging and certain changes in our body through time.

Moreover, choosing the right HGH supplement is also necessary because all products that come in a pill or capsule form only stimulate pituitary secretion instead of providing actual HGH in their products.

HGH pills and capsules contain absolutely no HGH and eventually work like those multiple mosquito repellents that have now become numb in affecting mosquitoes. Pituitary function gets used to these external catalysts and after a short period of time they fail to work.

Homeopathic HGH oral sprays contain real HGH and so don’t rely on pituitary stimulation because it is putting the real substance into your body. Also, the main trick is not just in increasing HGH level in the body because the focus is actually on the liver’s IGF-1 secretion. It is the IGF-1 that causes the faster cell growth and metabolism.

Still, there are many products, because of highly intensive marketing schemes, that become popular even though their effectiveness can be questioned. Three of them are listed below followed by a fourth that is the most popular homeopathic HGH oral spray which is quite effective for as long as you use it.


Genf20 is a natural and safe supplement that has been on the market with good response from customers on it’s initial effectiveness, usually about 4-6 weeks.

It has several benefits apart from the usual and basic HGH properties.

  • Empowers memory
  • Improves vision
  • Works as an aphrodisiac
  • Provides leaner muscle mass for a controlled body mass index (BMI)
  • Prevents early ageing
  • Revitalizes the body


GenFX, yet another anti-aging HGH supplement is on the most popular list, even though it, too, contains absolutely no HGH in its ingredients. It has also received numerous testimonials praising its initial effectiveness in various ways.

  • Leaner muscle mass
  • Weight loss and a toner for the body
  • Greener look from within

HGH Energizer

If you are a professional body builder or gym trainer you are definitely acquainted with this brand that is popular in the market.

  • It is more popular in the Australian market and is popular among body builders, as it can help to increase your body’s energy capacity by almost three times.
  • It helps to lessen an aging lifestyle that is devoid of vigor, vitality, and steadiness. It claims to make you look more radiant, energetic, and confident.

21st Century HGH

Pills, injections, shots you name it, the rising pharmaceutical market is there with almost every kind of HGH supplement you want.

However, only few customers really get to know the side effects or even the uselessness of these products.

Not all of them are risk free. Using this homeopathic oral spray is the best on the market today because it contains real HGH. As such the effects don’t stop after 4-6 weeks but continue working for as long as you use the product. Homeopathic products are completely safe with no side effects and this company offers a 90-day, no questions asked guarantee.

’21st century HGH’ is better than the other HGH products in many ways, such as:

  • 21st century HGH is safer, as it works gradually and hence its impact is long lasting and works for as long as you use the product.
  • Unlike most other products, this product has set new trends in the consumer market, adding an Advanced Formula that contains Deer Antler Velvet.
  • Oral sprays like HGH do not disturb your pituitary gland and focus on increasing your energy, vision, metabolism and every other aspect, that most of the best HGH products do to you, but with a style of its own.
  • Customers like it because it is cheaper than injections and more effective than pills.

The Decisive Point

These products have hit the list because they have received the greatest accolades of consumers.

  • Taking HGH supplement is an easy decision to make; choosing the right brand is what makes the difference.

So, be smart and choose the best amongst the rest.