MLB’s Alex Rodriguez Pending Suspension For HGH Use

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Will Suspension End His Career

Alex Rodriguez, otherwise known as A-Rod has recently been accused of using human growth hormone while playing in the MLB. The infamous New York Yankees star player has been mentioned throughout all forms of media recently as he is awaiting news on whether or not he will be suspended from the game.

Alex Rodriguez along with other players in the MLB such as Ryan Braun will be facing the most difficult decision of their career. With roughly 20 other players also involved in the HGH doping scandal, these players may not be returning to the game anytime soon. Rumors of the suspension have been flying around in the air and most likely, Alex Rodriguez as well as the others who have participated in the use of HGH will be suspended for a minimum of 100 games. This incredibly long suspension could very well mark the end of Alex Rodriguez’s career altogether.

Doping In Sports

Doping in sports is highly common these days regardless of the regular drug tests that are taken from athletes at random times during a regular season. This unethical and illegal method of getting in better shape causes players who do take part in doping to have an unfair advantage over the other players.

HGH, also known as the human growth hormone, is among the leading types of drugs that are related with doping in sports. The growth hormone is commonly known to increase the abilities of its user by activating the pituitary gland within the brain. Some of the most common benefits of using HGH in sports are the fact that they are known for increasing muscle mass and making users less prone to injuries such as tearing of the ligaments.

However, human growth hormone use in sports is highly debated as to whether or not it should be classified as illegal because it has not been proven to actually increase muscle mass. Instead, the main studies have shown that growth hormone use only makes the muscle mass leaner. Whether it gives users an unfair advantage or not has never been quite clear.

Injuries Stall A-Rod’s Career

A-Rod was not supposed to return to the game until the end of the All Stars break because of an injury to the hip. Nonetheless, Alex Rodriguez had no plans on leaving the game so rapidly and if the 100 game suspension does hit him in the face, it may cause him to miss out on more than just a single season. Currently consulting with his attorneys in order to get rid of this large mess of a situation, A-Rod is desperately attempting to avoid the suspension. Not only would this mark a big red flag on his own career, but it would also cause the Yankees to lose one of their best sluggers.

Alex Rodriguez does admit that he has made mistakes and that things could have happened differently in order to avoid this entire human growth hormone scandal. Over the course of his 10 years with the Yankees and a total of nearly 20 years in the league, Alex Rodriguez has definitely become a living legend in the Major League Baseball organization.

The loss of such a player on a prestigious team such as the New York Yankees would without a doubt cause for a big turmoil within the team’s spirit. A-Rod’s teammates, coaches and all those who surround him are doing everything they can in order to keep the HGH use out of the game and to move on to actually playing ball games. However, it isn’t that simple for Alex Rodriguez who has become the most talked about player in the MLB ever since the use of the growth hormone has been discovered.