HGH Supplements

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The primary purpose of Human Growth Hormone or HGH is to help move children through adolescence and into adulthood with a strong, healthy body.

Afterwards, the body quickly begins producing less HGH and by the time a person turns 50, that production is 80% less than when they were in their 20s. That’s not the end of the story though.

HGH supplements function by helping to stimulate the pituitary gland into releasing more of its own natural Human Growth Hormone. Protein supplements contain peptides which also stimulate HGH production, pushing the pituitary gland into releasing as much of this growth hormone as possible without harming it. As a spray, this supplement is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through the nasal or oral mucus tissues. It is also easily and safely taken by the user in the privacy of his or her own home.

Studies have been done in the last decade that shows we may not be done with growth hormone just because we’re done with college. Low HGH levels may also be responsible for some of the more unattractive aspects of getting older. Memory loss, crow’s feet, muscle loss, and the two biggest ones of course, decreased energy and a loss of sexual desire or capability. Fortunately, there are now a range of HGH supplements available on the open market to deal with these and other health issues. Some of the very best come in the form of HGH protein supplement sprays.

An HGH protein supplement spray is not a magic potion, but it does work effectively with the body’s pituitary gland to give you results in just one month and then amazing results in six months or less:

While it is possible take an HGH protein supplement by pill or injection, there are drawbacks. Anything taken in a pill has to go through the digestive tract before it will be absorbed into the body. The digestive process will destroy some of the proteins and peptides; reducing the effectiveness before it even gets started. Daily injections do go directly into the bloodstream but they also require a huge number of syringes. Even if an HGH supplement user can self-inject, avoiding the expense of a daily medical office visit, each syringe must still be disposed of as medical waste. This is an additional task and expense few people want to take on.

The first result you’ll discover in the beginning month is improved sleep. Then you’ll begin to have more stamina, higher energy levels and a better mental outlook. Some users even report a better sense of humor.

In the second month, your muscle tone will be noticeably tighter with an accompanying increase in strength. There will also be improvements in skin tone, weight loss and for some users, improved nail growth and eyesight.

By the third month, improvements will be noticeable to other people as muscle mass increases and hair growth becomes thicker. Exercise will be easier as flexibility increases and pain decreases. The symptoms of menopause have also been reduced for older women who use an HGH protein supplement. Minor wounds heal more quickly and mental tasks will be accomplished more easily. For many women, the third month will also see PMS symptoms alleviated.

Improvement in all of the categories listed above continues in the fourth month. These improvements become more consistent as the pituitary gland becomes used to the increased stimulation from the supplement.

By the fifth month, the amount of weight loss will surprise even optimistic users. Skin appearance will be even better with thicker skin and increased elasticity. Wrinkles will be visibly reduced and the overall texture and tone improves greatly. Hair continues to grow in thicker and with a healthier appearance as well.

In the sixth month, overall health improves. The body now has the ability to fight off colds and flu. Blood pressure and heart rates move into the normal range. Eyesight continues to improve. Body shape and appearance improves as cellulite begins to diminish. Some studies have reported that their users have an improved emotional stability as well; something not seen with steroid users trying to get many of these same results.

Although a protein supplement is much safer than many other products on the market, anyone considering adding an HGH Supplement Spray to their daily routine should contact their primary care provider before starting.