HGH And Bodybuilders

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What Is HGH?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is produced naturally by the pituitary gland in children and adolescents. The hormone primarily induces growth spurts but also promotes muscle tone and increases the metabolism. It is this hormone that causes teenagers to suddenly grow half a foot in a few months, eat whatever they want, and have seemingly endless stores of energy. In 1985 a synthetic version of the growth hormone was synthesized and put on the market to help treat certain developmental deceases in children, as well as some diseases in adults, such as short bowl syndrome and muscle wasting syndrome.

It soon became very apparent that this drug, which promotes the growth of new protein tissue, could be used not only for it’s intended purposes, but also to promote muscle building. As the body ages, less and less HGH is produced naturally and you must work harder to build muscle mass. Synthetic HGH puts this problem to rest which is why it quickly became a hot commodity among body builders, particularly men. Even though it is illegal without a prescription, those who advocate for it boast a massive increase in lean body mass, improved sleeping patterns, high energy, and an increase in sexual performance.

How Bodybuilders Take It

Human Growth Hormone, which is typically administered via injection has become so popular that bodybuilders have perfected the science of the drug’s efficiency. They know when to inject it, how much to use, and what to eat, so that the HGH dose is as effective as possible. Those who have experimented with the steroid suggest training hard while using the drug for no more than 40 minutes per day. After 40 minutes cortisone production will begin, which causes HGH levels to drop.

However, longterm users can incrementally add one minute of strength training per month to their routine without experiencing a drop in HGH. This incremental increase levels off at 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, users, no matter what their level will see a drop of HGH. Experienced users also recommend a diet high in the amino acids arginine, ornithine, and glutamine. These proteins, in combination with lean fats will contribute to the greatest muscle increase. Vitamin C and Vitamin B are also said to contribute to an increase in HGH levels.

In it’s onset, bodybuilding men revered this new synthetic form of HGH as the fountain of youth; big muscles, endless energy, and increased sex drive. However, over the years, the negative side effects that excessive use can have on men have begun to surface. The excessive muscle growth associated with using it with steroids can cause joint and muscle pain as the muscles grow to sizes that are not meant to be supported by the body frame. Carpel tunnel syndrome, caused by pinched nerves in the wrist is also common. Here, the muscles grow to a size that pinches the nerves, causing tingling and even total loss of feeling in the fingers.

Since HGH often causes the body to produce excess fluid, swollen muscles and body parts can also result. Use of HGH can also cause high cholesterol, numbness and tingling, and contribute to an increased risk of pituitary tumors.To top it off, since it is illegal without a prescription, there is no way for buyers to ensure that the product that they are buying is pure, or even safe. For safety reasons many people use homeopathic oral sprays to avoid all these negative side effects.

Does It Work Or Not?

HGH use has become a highly polarized topic. There are fitness fanatics who acknowledge it’s risks would never touch the stuff. They prefer to get fit the old fashioned way. There are others, though, who swear by it, and openly admit to using it. Even though use of HGH had been illegal without a prescription since it came on the market in the 1980s, there are still those who openly admit that they use it, and always will. To these bodybuilders, big muscles and high energy outweigh the risks, and many advocate for its legalization. Homeopathic oral sprays are legal for over the counter sales without a doctor’s prescription.

It all comes down to a question of risks versus benefits, a question that only the body builder can answer. Two thing are for sure however, no matter what side of the spectrum you are on, the development of synthetic Human Growth Hormone has been a blessing for those who need it for medical reasons, and without it they would be far worse off. Also, it’s manufacture has forever changed the world of bodybuilding.