Why Is Physical Fitness Important?

Good to know you are fitness freak!

Our body is a treasure that we need to preserve. Physical fitness does not come from a toned figure or radiant skin.

Rather a physically fit body is the one with the perfect balance of mental and physical stability.

A healthy heart is the storehouse of good health.

A body that has a lot of strength and endurance definitely has a robust heart and will certainly live longer. Of course, a physically strong body needs not just muscle power but mental sturdiness as well.

A body with strong will power and calm composure is the one with a stable heart.

The Navy Seal’s Fitness Guide

Being physically fit does not lie only in gaining muscle strength but also maintaining it for the long run.

A perfectly physically fit body will ideally have these qualities that even the Navy Seal Fitness Guide recommends:

  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Reaction on time

Research has proven that obesity is a greater problem than physical fitness. However, if a body undergoes regular physical exercise, it will have a lesser chance of obesity and also early aging.

Hence, we would retain our energy at a much higher level at a comparatively higher age.

Growing up with GH

There are some things in life that we can’t change in regards to aging. But we can have some effect on the timing and level of those inevitable changes.

Experiments prove that with aging the unavoidable frailty we experience is something we cannot eradicate but we can minimize it.

Do you know what is responsible for that? Our Growth Hormone!

Growth Hormone determines our aging symptoms.

Aging comes about because our pituitary gland, that is responsible for GH secretion, reduces its production. That’s when the universal symptoms of wrinkles, age spots, fatigue, weakness, weaker vision, poor immunity, slower metabolism and sadness sets in!

So what if we could stabilize this cause? What if growth hormone stimulation could be regularized?

How to maintain GH?

The best and the easiest way would be exercising.

The other prominent way is quite enjoyable to all but an impossible task for many. Sleeping!

A lot of people suffer from insomnia and depression issues. A lot of that happens from poor eating habits, unpunctual lifestyles, and lethargy.

Exercising the known fact!

Did you know that science has a separate branch that deals only with exercising?

It is known as exercise physiology and it studies the body’s reaction to the physical strain it undergoes during a work out.

  • Playing a game with your kids
  • Walking your dog
  • Swimming in a pool
  • Taking breaks for walks during office hours
  • Eating meals in smaller proportions more often during the day
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Cycling
  • Regular gym training or yoga
  • Dancing of your choice/aerobics

These are some of the easiest ways to maintain physical fitness.

Can you ever imagine being someone who leads a civilized life to not know about heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, or cholesterol issues? No, right?

Our lives revolve around these diseases and getting used to these issues and adjusting to them is where the problem lies.

If we really want to live life and enjoy it more we need to work more towards adjusting our lifestyles.

It is disheartening to know that on an average even if we live a life of 75 years (which we consider normal and acceptable) that that is actually only half the actual expectancy of human beings.

Life expectancy was close to 150 years but as our civilization’s darker trends set in our desires changed.

Our lifestyle, food habits, and culture have undergone changes for the good but more for the bad. It is not that living the tribal life is what it demands but restoring the good parts is our duty.

HGH and Exercise

What is HGH?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is the most important element of the human hormone system.

HGH is released by the pituitary gland.

It is a small gland that almost looks like a pea and is situated at the base of the brain that produces several hormones and is a major part of the endocrine system.

Why do we need HGH?

During our childhood and adolescence this hormone is necessary to promote growth in terms of height and helps to provide the longevity of our organs.

In adulthood, its presence leads to a healthier body composition and is responsible for such important jobs as:

  • Helps in retaining a toned body
  • Reduces fat storage
  • Toughens the bones and joints
  • Increases the health and longevity of organs during the passage of time and increase of age
  • Promotes faster growth of hair and nails
  • Ameliorates blood circulation
  • Regulates the cholesterol level in the body
  • Prevents early aging and promotes youthful zeal for a longer period of  time

What is the relation between exercise and HGH levels?

There are several kinds of mental stimuli that can cause HGH secretion in the body.

However, research tells us that the most potent ones are exercise and sleep.

Both of them are non pharmacological and we do them throughout our lives irrespective of age.

HGH secretion is a natural and normal process that takes place throughout life and is crucial in our growth, transformation of muscles, collagen, bones and metabolism of food and energy conversion.

Although we know that exercise helps in stimulating HGH secretion, the exact mechanism is unknown.

However, experiments have proved that exercise-induced growth hormone response (EIGR) has become a well known term in the dictionary of fat loss tricks and healthy living.

EIGR aids in several ways:

  • alteration in acid-base balance
  • neural input
  • direct stimulation by catecholamines, nitric oxide, and/or lactate

Of these, the best candidates appear to be nitric oxide, afferent stimulation, and lactate.

Resistance training and endurance training are considered very important in significant EIGR.

Resistance Training works on the basis of the load and frequency used during an exercise phase.

Endurance Training works on the basis of duration, intensity, frequency, and the kind of exercise we perform.

The greater the load we carry during exercise including assorted other movements of additional body parts, the better is the secretion of growth hormones.

These exercises are practiced beyond the lactate threshold for a minimum of 10 minutes at a time to encourage the release of growth hormones for at least a day. However, an excess of this kind of training causes a reverse effect on growth hormone.

Also, it leads to increase in cortisol secretion that causes excess tiredness. Hence, on average, 10 minutes of this exercise is perfect to attain the goal.

Choosing the right training program is essential for ideal EIGR. Exercises are the key to good health and definitely help in preventing aging. With aging, we have a lesser degree in the intensity of exercises.

Exercise always helps to prevent the bitter result of aging. That is why athletes always live to a greater age than others who live a shorter life span.

They are also more often mentally sharper with better eye sight and more energy for hard work because they are not victims of obesity or fatigue.

  • Along with good exercise and regular sleep, eat fruits, vegetables, and lot of protein rich foods.
  • Avoid sugar immediately after rigorous training.
  • We can’t stop the fact that with aging our HGH secretion will keep decreasing. But we can ease the chances of a rapid decrease and can make the decrease much slower.

How HGH Works?

Why Growing up is good!

Do you miss being the child you once were?

Do you often curse the boredom of adulthood that bothers you with responsibilities and tension?

Do you often feel that if you could get back to your childhood it would be wonderful?

Well, we know that is not possible. But do you know who that silent culprit was that “grew” you up?

After knowing its miraculous processes you would not regret growing up. Growing up was indeed a wonderful process; the incredible substances that caused this miracle were hormones.

Master Gland Mystery

Human growth hormone or somatotropin as it is also called is the hormone from the pituitary gland located in the hypothalamus section of the brain. This is what is responsible for our growing up.

In case there is any deficiency in the level of this hormone a child will have disruptions in the growth process and will experience problems in later life. HGH is actually that complex molecule that has 191 amino acids to help in our growth process. It is necessary for good metabolism, normal growth, and proper transformation of a child into an adult.

Adults produce an essential hormone that plays a crucial role throughout our lives and is known as Growth Hormone or GH that is secreted from the same pituitary gland and goes directly into the blood stream. It helps by controlling the functions of other glands in the body.

This is what gave the pituitary gland another popular name known as ‘master gland.’ After several experiments and a lot of scientific research on the functional processes of GH, reports tell us that the deficiency of this hormone creates severe maladies not only in childhood but also in adulthood.

Improper levels of GH in the body might lead to several kinds of ailments such as:

  • Irregular metabolism
  • Fat storage in abnormal proportions in an adult
  • Differences in the cholesterol level

How HGH functions?

Human growth hormone works along with receptors in the tissues of the body. Every organ in our body contains receptive capabilities and with the help of HGH the whole process works as one body process that stimulates the liver and other tissues.

This in turn induces the secretion of insulin-like growth factor IGF-1 that affects the secretion of cartilage cells.

Cartilage cells cause the growth and development of muscles in our body and strengthening of bones.

As we progress in age, our body actually reduces HGH production. The receptors in our body work as much as the amount of HGH that hits the tissues. HGH triggers the production of new cells.

Look Good with HGH!

With greater HGH circulating in the body the effect is anabolic. That means that HGH stimulates greater metabolism in the body.

However, when HGH production in the body decreases we tend to age early and faster.

The difference is visible on our face through wrinkles and loosening of the skin. Also, our body’s retentiveness decreases and our fatigue increases. Our immune system becomes weakened and we are sleepier and have visible aging spots on our face.

HGH’s main functional areas are:

  • Growth in the body
  • Cell reproduction
  • Muscle growth
  • Increased metabolism
  • Bone density retention
  • Lean muscle mass maintenance
  • Checking organs, muscles, and body fat level

How do you take it?

HGH level can be increased ideally in two main ways:

  • HGH injections that are exorbitantly expensive and risky
  • HGH supplements that are natural (but ingredients should always be checked to be certain that real HGH is contained in the product)

Along with these supplements a good diet and peaceful sleep is what’s essential for healthy living.

So live young for a longer time in the HGH way!