NFL Institutes HGH Testing

No Penalties…Yet

For the 2013-2014 season, when players walk into training camp, one of the first things that will happen is a blood test checking for HGH. This study will be used to determine what an acceptable and normal level of HGH is in an NFL player. Even though there will be testing, no player will be penalized if they test positive this season for HGH.

Human Grow Hormone, or better known as HGH, is one of the hormones created in the pituitary gland that the body produces while you are young to help you grow to a normal size and at a normal rate. Along those same lines, HGH helps with bone and muscle maturity and helps regulate your metabolism. As you grow older, the HGH in your body depletes. Doctors have found that HGH can help with children who are born small and for such diseases as Turner’s Syndrome. Synthetic HGH was first developed in 1985 to help people with such medical issues.

Unfortunately HGH and synthetic HGH has hit the world of professional sports. It has been used to heal pro athletes who are injured or after surgery. But because of it being considered a performance-enhancing drug, it is illegal for pro athletes to use unless they are administered by a team doctor for a valid reason.

We have heard about the accusations of the misuse of it in Major League Baseball and the Lance Armstrong scandal. Making it illegal doesn’t stop its use. Now the accusations have spread to the NFL and apparently, it has been in the NFL for longer than anyone thought.

Easy To Obtain

It is easy to get as well. An unnamed NFC starter has stated that he believes that at least 10 to 15 players on each team use HGH on a regular basis. But until recently, there was no sure way of knowing how many players had and are using HGH because there was no way to test for it in the league. The NFL and the NFL Association of Players agreed that there needed to be HGH testing but until a few days ago, the idea of testing was going nowhere.

While some NFL players deny that HGH or synthetic HGH are being misused, its hard not to notice how big NFL players have gotten over the years. In 1970, there was only one 300 plus pound player in the league. At the 2010 training camp, that number jumped to 532. The players are bigger and the hits are harder. Sure that makes for a more fun game for the spectators to watch, but it also means that the game is much more dangerous and that the risk for career-ending injuries is a lot higher.

Players Are Penalized For Steroid Use

Last season, two dozen players were penalized for steroid use as well as Adderall use. Makes you wonder if they had a test for HGH, would some of those players have tested positive for HGH as well? But do the fans even care? Sure, we would all like the game to be fair, for talent to fight against talent and not some juiced up super beast. But what would happen if a handful of NFL players on each team tested positive for HGH? Would they be suspended for a game? For the season?

The NFL has not come up with any guidelines as to what the penalties would be for a positive test yet. But if the price to pay is suspension, most fans will not be happy. Would the game be the same if all of the Tebows and OchoCincos were on the sidelines during games? Would fans be as passionate about their favorite teams as they are now? This might just be the beginning of a PR nightmare that the NFL won’t wake from any time soon. It took two years for the NFL to get to this point on the HGH debate. It might be a few more years before they know how they are going to handle HGH using players.

MLB’s Alex Rodriguez Pending Suspension For HGH Use

Will Suspension End His Career

Alex Rodriguez, otherwise known as A-Rod has recently been accused of using human growth hormone while playing in the MLB. The infamous New York Yankees star player has been mentioned throughout all forms of media recently as he is awaiting news on whether or not he will be suspended from the game.

Alex Rodriguez along with other players in the MLB such as Ryan Braun will be facing the most difficult decision of their career. With roughly 20 other players also involved in the HGH doping scandal, these players may not be returning to the game anytime soon. Rumors of the suspension have been flying around in the air and most likely, Alex Rodriguez as well as the others who have participated in the use of HGH will be suspended for a minimum of 100 games. This incredibly long suspension could very well mark the end of Alex Rodriguez’s career altogether.

Doping In Sports

Doping in sports is highly common these days regardless of the regular drug tests that are taken from athletes at random times during a regular season. This unethical and illegal method of getting in better shape causes players who do take part in doping to have an unfair advantage over the other players.

HGH, also known as the human growth hormone, is among the leading types of drugs that are related with doping in sports. The growth hormone is commonly known to increase the abilities of its user by activating the pituitary gland within the brain. Some of the most common benefits of using HGH in sports are the fact that they are known for increasing muscle mass and making users less prone to injuries such as tearing of the ligaments.

However, human growth hormone use in sports is highly debated as to whether or not it should be classified as illegal because it has not been proven to actually increase muscle mass. Instead, the main studies have shown that growth hormone use only makes the muscle mass leaner. Whether it gives users an unfair advantage or not has never been quite clear.

Injuries Stall A-Rod’s Career

A-Rod was not supposed to return to the game until the end of the All Stars break because of an injury to the hip. Nonetheless, Alex Rodriguez had no plans on leaving the game so rapidly and if the 100 game suspension does hit him in the face, it may cause him to miss out on more than just a single season. Currently consulting with his attorneys in order to get rid of this large mess of a situation, A-Rod is desperately attempting to avoid the suspension. Not only would this mark a big red flag on his own career, but it would also cause the Yankees to lose one of their best sluggers.

Alex Rodriguez does admit that he has made mistakes and that things could have happened differently in order to avoid this entire human growth hormone scandal. Over the course of his 10 years with the Yankees and a total of nearly 20 years in the league, Alex Rodriguez has definitely become a living legend in the Major League Baseball organization.

The loss of such a player on a prestigious team such as the New York Yankees would without a doubt cause for a big turmoil within the team’s spirit. A-Rod’s teammates, coaches and all those who surround him are doing everything they can in order to keep the HGH use out of the game and to move on to actually playing ball games. However, it isn’t that simple for Alex Rodriguez who has become the most talked about player in the MLB ever since the use of the growth hormone has been discovered.

HGH Doping In Sports

HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, has been making the headlines for it’s many healthful benefits. While HGH is not a miracle cure for reducing the signs of aging, nor can it make a sixty year old play basketball like a twenty year old, the hormone can and does help improve some of the signs of aging.

Sports and HGH

While the use of steriods is actively banned in all sports both professional and recreational, and actively tested for, there are no standard testing procedures for the human growth hormone. It is estimated that there are between 10 to 15 players on every NFL team actively using HGH. With no testing in place, and it’s ability to help players improve their performances and heal faster, it is easy to understand the drugs popularity.

With no testing, the line between the use or none use of performance enhancing drugs is muddy. Many players use the natural hormone as a way to continue playing the game, while other players prefer to use nothing stronger than protein shakes and vigorous workouts.

Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito praises the football league’s anti drug policy, but when asked about the lack of testing for HGH, he simply states, “you want a clean game to know that when you’re competing against the top guys of your profession.”

Earl Thomas, of the Seattle Seahawks goes on to state that many players receive accolades “when they don’t deserve it.” With many athletes taking the side against the use of any performance enhancing substance, the lack of standardized testing makes the use of HGH legal. Skiing champion Andrus Veerpalu’s three year suspension was overturned due to lack of testing. Without standardized tests, there will always be procedural flaws in the testing, leaving the way open for athletes to continue to use the hormone.

The debate over HGH will continue in the sports world, Minnesota Vikings safety, Harrison Smith says. Players will always continue to look for an edge. Ahman Green, the Packers all time leading rusher simply states what many athletes feel. The hormone is naturally produced by your body, it is not cheating when you take this hormone. Whatever the sports world decides, the debate over whether taking HGH will continue to rage for a long time.

What is HGH?

HGH is a chemical that is produced by the body’s pituitary gland. In children this chemical helps to promote and regulate growth. In adults the chemical not only helps the body to continue to produce muscle growth, but also helps the muscle tissue to heal. As the body ages, the pituitary gland produces less of the hormone leading to a decrease in muscle mass and slower healing of torn and injured muscles. This slowing down of the body’s production has lead to the belief that the synthetic HGH is a miracle cure for the signs of aging.

Health and Beauty

The signs of aging and lower levels of the hormone produced by the pituitary gland seem to by synonymous. By adding the synthetic hormone to your daily routine, many consumers believe that several signs of aging can be reversed.

While it is impossible to reduce all signs of aging, continual use of the hormone can help to increase the body’s health and promotes vitality. Often, one of the greatest benefits of anti aging is vitality. Vitality is associated with youth and beauty. A healthy glow to the skin, bright and shiny hair and eyes, these are all signs of youth that are often lost as the body ages. Along with HGH’s anti aging properties, uses have reported sleeping better, having improved energy levels, and increased libidos.

HGH is a natural hormone produced by the body’s pituitary gland. Increased levels of the hormone has shown to have many health benefits. Unlike the use of steriods, it does not cause liver damage, nor does it cause what has popularly been termed as “roid rage.”

It is a safe and natural way to increase performance in both sports and in every day life. It is easy and safe to use, most commonly as an oral spray, and can be purchased without a prescription at many health stores. Looking and feeling healthier and younger, what great side effects.

HGH – Not Just For Entertainers And Athletes

Human Growth Hormone Maintains Optimum Health

Wanting to look younger or stop the aging process is not limited to those in the entertainment industry or to sports players hoping to improve their game, but is a pursuit happily taken by millions of people everyday. Hundreds of health and beauty products advertise their products, all making the same promise, look and feel younger in just days. One of the newest products making headlines is HGH, (Human Growth Hormone).

While HGH will not dramatically take years of your appearance, as a general health supplement it can make a difference in a person’s energy and stamina levels. With the increased levels of energy and stamina, one can see why athletes find human growth hormone appealing. Increasing a person’s vitality also makes this supplement popular among Hollywood’s elite.

To dispel one misconception though, HGH will not make an adult grow taller. If an adult is 5’5″ then taking this health supplement will not cause a person to grow any taller. What the hormone will do is increase libido, help the digestive system, and improve sleep. With all of these positive effects, it is easy to understand why it is often classified as a beauty hormone. These effects not only add up to a healthier body, but also when the body is healthy it tends to look younger.

How To Take HGH

There are a few different ways in which to increase your level of human growth hormone. Taking injections offers the fastest results, but this method can be difficult to obtain and costly. Pills, while plentiful, are work great for only a month or so and then stop working altogether. While relatively easy to obtain these supplements contain ingredients that don’t include HGH because it’s impossible to put that ingredient into a pill. Homeopathic oral sprays offer the best option in terms of price, safety, and effectiveness.

The oral spray can be easily and legally obtained over the internet with users seeing up to 80% of the same results as those taking injections. Unlike injections, the spray is dramatically cheaper than injections with none of the risks associated with needles or overdosing. Since the oral spray is homeopathic, regulations are relaxed when it comes to purchasing the supplement.

Do People Truly Benefit From HGH

With the market flooded with anti aging products and supplements promising to make you look and feel twenty years younger, it is difficult to believe that any product would truly work. HGH is different though. A natural hormone occurring in the human body, HGH is naturally produced by the pituitary gland.

Many professional athletes routinely use the HGH oral spray. Not only does the hormone increase their energy levels, it also seems to increase their levels of concentration. While there is no reliable proof that the supplement does indeed increase concentration levels, the simple belief that it does seems to be enough to make a decided difference in an athlete’s performance.

Hollywood entertainers also are seeing the benefits of the hormone. With increased levels of vitality and energy, entertainers are able to effectively play roles that may have been intended for younger entertainers. With Hollywood and the sports world backing HGH, it is little wonder that everyone is starting to experience the benefits of the Human Growth Hormone.

Tips For Purchasing HGH

As with any product purchased over the Internet there is always risk involved. Here are some simple tips to ensure you are actually purchasing HGH and not something that purports to be and is not:

1. The most important tip is product information. All information on the product should be easy to locate. This includes a listing of the ingredients. Many companies unfortunately market a HGH product that does not contain the actual hormone. If all pertinent information is not easily located it is probably best to buy from another company.

2. To avoid scams check to see the age of the company marketing the product. Companies that are well known and well established offer the least purchasing risks.

3. To double check a company’s legitimacy, call the 24hr. contact number. If you are forced to leave a message you should receive a return call within a 1-2 day period. If not, then the company is probably not the most reputable.

With a little research and common sense HGH can be safely purchased online. HGH may not be the miracle anti aging cure but this naturally occurring hormone can help you feel younger, which in turn can give the appearance of youth.

HGH Supplements

The primary purpose of Human Growth Hormone or HGH is to help move children through adolescence and into adulthood with a strong, healthy body.

Afterwards, the body quickly begins producing less HGH and by the time a person turns 50, that production is 80% less than when they were in their 20s. That’s not the end of the story though.

HGH supplements function by helping to stimulate the pituitary gland into releasing more of its own natural Human Growth Hormone. Protein supplements contain peptides which also stimulate HGH production, pushing the pituitary gland into releasing as much of this growth hormone as possible without harming it. As a spray, this supplement is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through the nasal or oral mucus tissues. It is also easily and safely taken by the user in the privacy of his or her own home.

Studies have been done in the last decade that shows we may not be done with growth hormone just because we’re done with college. Low HGH levels may also be responsible for some of the more unattractive aspects of getting older. Memory loss, crow’s feet, muscle loss, and the two biggest ones of course, decreased energy and a loss of sexual desire or capability. Fortunately, there are now a range of HGH supplements available on the open market to deal with these and other health issues. Some of the very best come in the form of HGH protein supplement sprays.

An HGH protein supplement spray is not a magic potion, but it does work effectively with the body’s pituitary gland to give you results in just one month and then amazing results in six months or less:

While it is possible take an HGH protein supplement by pill or injection, there are drawbacks. Anything taken in a pill has to go through the digestive tract before it will be absorbed into the body. The digestive process will destroy some of the proteins and peptides; reducing the effectiveness before it even gets started. Daily injections do go directly into the bloodstream but they also require a huge number of syringes. Even if an HGH supplement user can self-inject, avoiding the expense of a daily medical office visit, each syringe must still be disposed of as medical waste. This is an additional task and expense few people want to take on.

The first result you’ll discover in the beginning month is improved sleep. Then you’ll begin to have more stamina, higher energy levels and a better mental outlook. Some users even report a better sense of humor.

In the second month, your muscle tone will be noticeably tighter with an accompanying increase in strength. There will also be improvements in skin tone, weight loss and for some users, improved nail growth and eyesight.

By the third month, improvements will be noticeable to other people as muscle mass increases and hair growth becomes thicker. Exercise will be easier as flexibility increases and pain decreases. The symptoms of menopause have also been reduced for older women who use an HGH protein supplement. Minor wounds heal more quickly and mental tasks will be accomplished more easily. For many women, the third month will also see PMS symptoms alleviated.

Improvement in all of the categories listed above continues in the fourth month. These improvements become more consistent as the pituitary gland becomes used to the increased stimulation from the supplement.

By the fifth month, the amount of weight loss will surprise even optimistic users. Skin appearance will be even better with thicker skin and increased elasticity. Wrinkles will be visibly reduced and the overall texture and tone improves greatly. Hair continues to grow in thicker and with a healthier appearance as well.

In the sixth month, overall health improves. The body now has the ability to fight off colds and flu. Blood pressure and heart rates move into the normal range. Eyesight continues to improve. Body shape and appearance improves as cellulite begins to diminish. Some studies have reported that their users have an improved emotional stability as well; something not seen with steroid users trying to get many of these same results.

Although a protein supplement is much safer than many other products on the market, anyone considering adding an HGH Supplement Spray to their daily routine should contact their primary care provider before starting.

HGH Side Effects On Men

What Exactly Is HGH?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a chemical substance produced by the pituitary gland and is the hormone that creates growth in children and in teenagers. It also controls body fluids, sugar and fat metabolism, and muscle and bone growth amongst other things.

In the mid 1980′s a synthetic version of HGH was produce by drug companies in order to treat poor growth rate in children as well as poor kidney growth, poor muscle growth, and a disorder affecting the growth of young girls. Synthetic HGH is also used to treat diseases such as HIV and AIDS in adults, certain bowel problems, and HGH problems caused by pituitary gland disease and or tumors.

Some studies have also shown better mental health in adults suffering from certain psychological conditions caused by lower levels of HGH in the body naturally. It is also possible that HGH may reduce cholesterol.

Use of HGH

However, since synthetic HGH was produced, it has also been taken on board by bodybuilders who have used it along with anabolic steroids in the belief that it would increase muscle growth, stamina, and so on. No studies have been carried out which would support this belief.

In addition it has been believed to reverse the aging process, simply because the levels of HGH in the body automatically decrease with aging.

HGH naturally declines in the body after the age of 20 or so since the body no longer needs to grow. Continued growth after this age can lead to rare cases of gigantism.

However, it has been found that obese adults have a lower level of HGH than normal weight adults. For this reason some people have assumed that taking HGH, either orally or by injection, could boost weight loss in the obese.

New England Journal of Medicine Studies

Indeed in 1990 the New England Journal Of Medicine reported that a study showed injections of HGH reduced weight by 14% without any change in the patient’s diet. At the same time an increase of nearly 9% in muscle bulk was shown. At the time this study showed great promise as a “magic bullet” for treatment of the obese.

However, subsequent studies showed very little change in weight and/or muscle bulk and in 2003 the New England Journal Of Medicine itself reported this and indeed inferred that the report in 1990 was inaccurate and should not be relied upon.

This has not deterred people from buying and using HGH both for weight loss and for muscle building.There is no evidence that athletic performance is improved in any way and HGH is banned in many sports and in the Olympics.

HGH Benefit Claims

The companies that supply these products claim all sorts of wonders including anti-aging, better sex, hair re-growth, better memory, increased vitality, reducing weight and so on, In fact, almost anything that might be associated with having a younger body and being a younger and fitter person!

Some people buy HGH products from the internet and elsewhere in oral tablet form and sprays. However, taken in tablet form HGH is actually digested before it can be absorbed into the body’s system. Thus there is no benefit whatsoever to be gained by using such products orally and indeed the possible side effects outweigh any benefit that could theoretically be obtained.

HGH Oral Sprays – The Safe Alternative

Oral sprays, however, deliver HGH through the oral mucosa and a certain amount of HGH does get into the system. It triggers the liver to produce more IGF-1 which is the source of increased invigoration. Homeopathic HGH oral sprays can be obtained legally without a prescription over the internet.

The side effects reported in men taking injected HGH include swelling of the arms and legs caused by water retention, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint and muscle pain (again caused by water retention), increased growth of the breast tissue (usually referred to as gynecomastia), and insulin resistance. These effects are also noticeably more apparent in older people.

Some studies have shown that HGH can lead to increased heart problems, diabetes, and even certain cancers.

HGH And The Federal Drug Administration (FDA)

HGH is not approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for use as a weight loss product not only because there is very little evidence that it works but also because of the cost which comes to about $1,000 per month for four injections.

However, HGH injections, usually administered once a week, are approved by the FDA for people who are having organ transplants, as a treatment for muscle-wasting in AIDS patients, and for both children and adults who have a deficiency. Injections are only available with a prescription and must be administered by a trained professional.

HGH And Bodybuilders

What Is HGH?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that is produced naturally by the pituitary gland in children and adolescents. The hormone primarily induces growth spurts but also promotes muscle tone and increases the metabolism. It is this hormone that causes teenagers to suddenly grow half a foot in a few months, eat whatever they want, and have seemingly endless stores of energy. In 1985 a synthetic version of the growth hormone was synthesized and put on the market to help treat certain developmental deceases in children, as well as some diseases in adults, such as short bowl syndrome and muscle wasting syndrome.

It soon became very apparent that this drug, which promotes the growth of new protein tissue, could be used not only for it’s intended purposes, but also to promote muscle building. As the body ages, less and less HGH is produced naturally and you must work harder to build muscle mass. Synthetic HGH puts this problem to rest which is why it quickly became a hot commodity among body builders, particularly men. Even though it is illegal without a prescription, those who advocate for it boast a massive increase in lean body mass, improved sleeping patterns, high energy, and an increase in sexual performance.

How Bodybuilders Take It

Human Growth Hormone, which is typically administered via injection has become so popular that bodybuilders have perfected the science of the drug’s efficiency. They know when to inject it, how much to use, and what to eat, so that the HGH dose is as effective as possible. Those who have experimented with the steroid suggest training hard while using the drug for no more than 40 minutes per day. After 40 minutes cortisone production will begin, which causes HGH levels to drop.

However, longterm users can incrementally add one minute of strength training per month to their routine without experiencing a drop in HGH. This incremental increase levels off at 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, users, no matter what their level will see a drop of HGH. Experienced users also recommend a diet high in the amino acids arginine, ornithine, and glutamine. These proteins, in combination with lean fats will contribute to the greatest muscle increase. Vitamin C and Vitamin B are also said to contribute to an increase in HGH levels.

In it’s onset, bodybuilding men revered this new synthetic form of HGH as the fountain of youth; big muscles, endless energy, and increased sex drive. However, over the years, the negative side effects that excessive use can have on men have begun to surface. The excessive muscle growth associated with using it with steroids can cause joint and muscle pain as the muscles grow to sizes that are not meant to be supported by the body frame. Carpel tunnel syndrome, caused by pinched nerves in the wrist is also common. Here, the muscles grow to a size that pinches the nerves, causing tingling and even total loss of feeling in the fingers.

Since HGH often causes the body to produce excess fluid, swollen muscles and body parts can also result. Use of HGH can also cause high cholesterol, numbness and tingling, and contribute to an increased risk of pituitary tumors.To top it off, since it is illegal without a prescription, there is no way for buyers to ensure that the product that they are buying is pure, or even safe. For safety reasons many people use homeopathic oral sprays to avoid all these negative side effects.

Does It Work Or Not?

HGH use has become a highly polarized topic. There are fitness fanatics who acknowledge it’s risks would never touch the stuff. They prefer to get fit the old fashioned way. There are others, though, who swear by it, and openly admit to using it. Even though use of HGH had been illegal without a prescription since it came on the market in the 1980s, there are still those who openly admit that they use it, and always will. To these bodybuilders, big muscles and high energy outweigh the risks, and many advocate for its legalization. Homeopathic oral sprays are legal for over the counter sales without a doctor’s prescription.

It all comes down to a question of risks versus benefits, a question that only the body builder can answer. Two thing are for sure however, no matter what side of the spectrum you are on, the development of synthetic Human Growth Hormone has been a blessing for those who need it for medical reasons, and without it they would be far worse off. Also, it’s manufacture has forever changed the world of bodybuilding.

The 4 Most Popular HGH Products

Just like Ayurvedic medicine, our belief in homeopathic medicine goes unquestioned, due to its risk free and apparent positive results.

To build a healthy body we eat different kinds of foods and supplements just so that we can live disease free for as long as possible.

Do you know if everything you eat is really necessary for your body?

Or to put it another way, does your body utilize most of what you take in?

The same question can be asked in the case of popping pills.

Especially when it is about your body toning and its internal metabolism, choosing the right product can always bring a win-win situation.

Before ingesting HGH products, we should know why we specifically need them.

How do you know if you should buy HGH products and if yes, which would be that perfect one?

Do you look 21?

When you were growing up you enjoyed the changes you went through.

The feeling of being a teenager and then stepping into the responsibilities of adulthood was a journey of surprising changes in your behavior, physical beauty, and mental perception.

However, this transformation would be good if it weren’t so short lived as aging quickly takes over and the ravishing look of the 20′s becomes the wrinkled look of the 30′s. And that’s the battle we wage in holding onto that perfect 20′s look.

Few win but most lose. So what is the secret to this victory over aging?

Why HGH is good?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that is secreted from the pituitary gland in our brain controls how we grow up physically and mentally.

HGH is responsible not just for our growth from childhood to adulthood but also controls our rate of aging. It is the secret to the good looks of those who step into their 40′s but still look younger than their age.

Our body secretes HGH at its peak during the 20′s but as we gradually step into the 30′s this secretion keeps lowering and so our body also acts slower.

Hence, maintaining the level of HGH is essential for good and healthy living.

Why do we need HGH supplements?

So now the next thought that triggers our mind is, what should we do to keep this HGH flowing within us?

Two simple steps are exercise and sleep along with a healthy diet of course. However, this is not enough for your body to maintain that ideal HGH content level it needs to give you that younger look.

This is where our HGH supplements comes into play. It helps in compensating for the HGH production that is otherwise lost due to early aging and certain changes in our body through time.

Moreover, choosing the right HGH supplement is also necessary because all products that come in a pill or capsule form only stimulate pituitary secretion instead of providing actual HGH in their products.

HGH pills and capsules contain absolutely no HGH and eventually work like those multiple mosquito repellents that have now become numb in affecting mosquitoes. Pituitary function gets used to these external catalysts and after a short period of time they fail to work.

Homeopathic HGH oral sprays contain real HGH and so don’t rely on pituitary stimulation because it is putting the real substance into your body. Also, the main trick is not just in increasing HGH level in the body because the focus is actually on the liver’s IGF-1 secretion. It is the IGF-1 that causes the faster cell growth and metabolism.

Still, there are many products, because of highly intensive marketing schemes, that become popular even though their effectiveness can be questioned. Three of them are listed below followed by a fourth that is the most popular homeopathic HGH oral spray which is quite effective for as long as you use it.


Genf20 is a natural and safe supplement that has been on the market with good response from customers on it’s initial effectiveness, usually about 4-6 weeks.

It has several benefits apart from the usual and basic HGH properties.

  • Empowers memory
  • Improves vision
  • Works as an aphrodisiac
  • Provides leaner muscle mass for a controlled body mass index (BMI)
  • Prevents early ageing
  • Revitalizes the body


GenFX, yet another anti-aging HGH supplement is on the most popular list, even though it, too, contains absolutely no HGH in its ingredients. It has also received numerous testimonials praising its initial effectiveness in various ways.

  • Leaner muscle mass
  • Weight loss and a toner for the body
  • Greener look from within

HGH Energizer

If you are a professional body builder or gym trainer you are definitely acquainted with this brand that is popular in the market.

  • It is more popular in the Australian market and is popular among body builders, as it can help to increase your body’s energy capacity by almost three times.
  • It helps to lessen an aging lifestyle that is devoid of vigor, vitality, and steadiness. It claims to make you look more radiant, energetic, and confident.

21st Century HGH

Pills, injections, shots you name it, the rising pharmaceutical market is there with almost every kind of HGH supplement you want.

However, only few customers really get to know the side effects or even the uselessness of these products.

Not all of them are risk free. Using this homeopathic oral spray is the best on the market today because it contains real HGH. As such the effects don’t stop after 4-6 weeks but continue working for as long as you use the product. Homeopathic products are completely safe with no side effects and this company offers a 90-day, no questions asked guarantee.

’21st century HGH’ is better than the other HGH products in many ways, such as:

  • 21st century HGH is safer, as it works gradually and hence its impact is long lasting and works for as long as you use the product.
  • Unlike most other products, this product has set new trends in the consumer market, adding an Advanced Formula that contains Deer Antler Velvet.
  • Oral sprays like HGH do not disturb your pituitary gland and focus on increasing your energy, vision, metabolism and every other aspect, that most of the best HGH products do to you, but with a style of its own.
  • Customers like it because it is cheaper than injections and more effective than pills.

The Decisive Point

These products have hit the list because they have received the greatest accolades of consumers.

  • Taking HGH supplement is an easy decision to make; choosing the right brand is what makes the difference.

So, be smart and choose the best amongst the rest.

Top 10 Foods That Build Muscle

The Prosperous Macho Man

Gain more muscles while you gorge onto your food. Does that sound simpatico to you?

Oh well, then you are on the right page and this is an honest promise that the list won’t disappoint you with tasteless foods.

Eat in prosperity and enjoy getting muscular at the same time.

  • Protein is your Secret Gamer

Building muscle is a difficult process. It takes a good training program combined with the right foods to gain success.

The main contributor of building muscles are protein rich foods. The reason for this is the amino acids present in meat develops the muscles and tissues and also repairs the weak ones.

Protein rich foods are rich in several kinds of nutrients:

  • Carnosine
  • Carnitine
  • Glutamine (responsible for protein metabolism)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids

However, vegetarians shold not be discouraged because amino acids are also present in legumes and beans.

The amino acid content in vegetables varies and is generally less potent. Any discussion of muscle building foods requires a spotlight on meat.

To add meat to the diet is mainly for two reasons:

  • To increase muscle build up
  • To stimulating anabolic hormone process

A study claims that if a person who weighs 175 pounds consumes around 180 grams of protein (meat protein to be specific) every day, he can gain stable muscle development.

The Goodies

1. Coconut Oil:

Anti inflammatory in nature, coconut oil is an ideal solution for easy digestion. It helps in faster energy conversion in the intestine and improves the cholesterol level in the body. It can also cause good fat loss, control blood sugar, and increase the insulin function in the body.

2. Human Growth Hormone:

HGH causes the secretion of cartilage cells that are responsible for muscle growth. It promotes better height, hair growth, strength, stamina and performance in sports.

3. Nuts:

Did you know that 30 grams of almonds can have almost 150 calories? Indeed going the nutty way is just the perfect kit for not just gaining muscle but losing weight with a low carb diet.

Rich in fiber, protein, anti oxidants, and essential fats nuts are a good start to a healthy breakfast.

4. Berries:

A rich source of anti oxidants, metabolism catalysts, weight loss magic fruit, or whatever you may call them, berries of any kind are not just good but best for us.

Raspberries, strawberries, and goji berries heads the list. It helps to increase the insulin content in the body to the controlled level required by the muscles.

5. Green Tea:

This tea has become a recent favorite of so many consumers due to its weight loss benefits, anti carcinogen properties, anti oxidation capability and so much more!

It also helps in our muscle building process by controlling the insulin content in muscles and avoiding excess fat storage.

6. Eggs:

Eggs are not just the source of life but also a power packed source of many good nutrients for us. Not just for cardiovascular health or cholesterol control, eggs are also excellent for building muscle and weight loss.

Wondering how? Well, an egg in the morning for breakfast keeps you more full throughout the day and controls your binge eating.

7. Cottage Cheese:

Cottage cheese is rich in the good bacteria that yogurt and other dairy products also contain. It helps in good metabolism.

It also contains casein responsible for increasing the amino acid content in our blood stream.

8. Meat:

Be it lean beef or chicken, these are storehouses of great protein intake for all ages.  Rich in amino acid, cretin, and vitamin B, lean beef is good for muscle building, increasing the testosterone level, and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Recent studies further claim that it can work in anti depression as well.

9. Fish:

Salmon, mackerel, and tuna are the three most popular sought after fish food  now on the market for their omega-3 fatty acid content.

Although, we believe oily meat is not good for health, this acid is special in its own way and good for those on a diet. It increases metabolism and helps in weight loss and toning the body mass index.

10. Turmeric:

This spice is common in every household. It is quite a surprising bit of nutrition power for muscle building.

It has antiseptic properties and repairs worn out muscles thereby leading to the growth of new muscle tissues.

This list includes several of the commonly known products that enter our kitchen for us to eat but knowing a few facts can change how we perceive them and eat them.

HGH And It’s Cardiovascular Benefits

Human Growth Hormone or HGH has become the new craze in the weight loss and muscle building culture.

With more discoveries, HGH now has stepped into the cardiovascular protection realm as well.

Did you know that HGH is an endogenous component for developing heart tissues in the embryo?

With its anti aging capacities, HGH has set a new craze in the dieting and workout communities, where HGH supplements have attracted customers for a major makeover in their lifestyle process.

  • HGH is not only the answer to aging but also better health through metabolism, good heart, anti wrinkling of skin, sharper memory, and greater lifespan.
  • HGH is crucial for good heart health.

How? Well, the general benefits listed below display the inter dependence of each of the steps through the functioning of HGH in our body.

  • Improves energy level:

An ideal fitness freak that consumes HGH supplements and eats a healthy diet with a regular sleep scheduled will have more than 80% increase in work out endurance capacity, 85% increase in muscle growth and maintenance, and more than 70% burning of fat.

  • Increases lean body mass and decreases fat mass:

Due to greater energy level our bodies have anabolic effect of the hormone that causes more protein synthesis that in turn means more amino acids and control of radicals and cholesterol.

This gives our body more flexibility and potential for better physical fitness.

  • Reduces chances of Congestive Heart Failure symptoms:

During the 30′s our HGH secretion decreases. That increases the chances of heart failure. HGH causes the secretion of IGF-1 that takes care of the cartilage cell production in the body.

IGF-1 is responsible for the myocytes stimulation that affects the heart’s strength. Any disruption in the content of HGH in our body might lead to Acromegaly as well.

  • Avoids the threat of cardiovascular diseases as a consequence:

Several cardiovascular diseases can be avoided if there is a good heart beating inside of you.

Diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension etc., can be controlled, to promote healthy living.

  • Gives you a younger look:

HGH can treat you from within, with a happy heart that automatically fortifies your metabolism.

Your wrinkles and age spots tend to fade gradually. Holding on to your 20′s becomes a possibility yet again!

  • It’s very heart friendly:

A lot of heart failure is a result of neuro-hormonal imbalance and improper circulation of blood.

HGH improves the density of arteries and hence reduces the chances of failure with people prone to Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).

  • Eat wisely and sleep nicely:

To keep your life more happy and young you need to include a fruity and veggie time to your meal.

Along with that you need a resting period of at least 6-8 hours every day so that the benefits of your lifestyle is on your heart and then on your face as well.

So replenish your level of Human Growth Hormone to live younger, look younger, and think younger.

So why not take a chance with eating and sleeping better if that can help you live longer?

HGH is not a new discovery to be hyped about. It was always with us and within us but we never knew of its miracles.

So let us enjoy the unleashed mysteries of our body and try restoring them to the maximum.