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HGH – Human Growth Hormone


Brought to you by 21st Century Designer health products, via HGHfix.com, most commonly known as an HGH growth hormone supplement is NOT the “end all” and “be all” of anti-aging. It’s NOT a slammin’ jammin’ fix for your aging challenges. It’s a supplement, not a drug. Those expecting “miracles” WILL be disappointed. However, it IS a wonderful, general, tonic.

Do Hollywood performers take it to preserve their health and vitality? Yes. Do athletes take it to gain an edge in performance and encourage healing from injuries? Yes. Do men with low testosterone and women with difficult menopausal symptoms take it? Yes. When the primary hormone in the body normalizes it tends to normalize all the other hormones in the body.

People take HGH for many other reasons as well. If you are over 22 years old it will NOT make you grow taller! However, almost all people report that they digest better, have more energy, sleep better, and have improved libido. It’s commonplace that most people try it for one specific reason and realize it is helping them in many other areas they hadn’t anticipated.




What’s The Best Way To Take HGH?

There are three ways to increase your human growth hormone levels: injections, homeopathic oral sprays, pills. Injections are the most effective, homeopathic oral sprays are a good safe alternative to injections, and pills of any kind are the least viable.

Homeopathic oral sprays achieve 60%-80% of the same results as those who take injections. Oral sprays, because they are homeopathic, are legal for over the counter sales without a prescription even though they contain real HGH (read the ingredients!).

And also because they are homeopathic they are free from any negative side effects. It’s possible that they may not work at all (2% of the population does not respond, for unknown reasons, to ANY kind of homeopathic product), but there are no negative side effects to using a homeopathic HGH oral spray. We offer a 90-day, no questions asked, full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

Injections achieve the best results and are the most effective but there are downsides. Injections are very expensive, require a doctor’s prescription, and the necessary protocol monitoring adds additional costs. There can also be unintended negative side effects whenever the use of needles are involved.

Vendors offering HGH in any kind of pill form use a very effective sales pitch. However, it’s impossible to put HGH into a pill or capsule so any “HGH” product that comes in that form will contain absolutely no human growth hormone (read the ingredients!).

What the pill vendors conveniently neglect to tell you is that after six weeks of use…the thrill is gone! It’s a terrible tease because people get all the benefits of increased HGH and boom, all of a sudden, it’s bye-bye. That’s why many pill vendors want to get you on an autoship program while you are still high on their sales pitch in order to have your business long after the effectiveness of their product has ceased.

Also known as secretagogues or precursors these products do raise HGH levels quite impressively in the short term, usually 4-6 weeks. They do so by tickling the pituitary gland to produce more HGH. Unfortunately the human body adapts to and so grows accustomed to the tickle and stops producing the extra HGH.

Secretagogue and precursor users often switch to homeopathic human growth hormone oral sprays since it actually contains real HGH. The sprays do not rely on the pituitary to produce HGH because it puts the real thing, HGH (read the ingredients!), directly into your body. You can use it forever and it’s effectiveness will continue.


Which HGH Vendor Should I Trust?

“Trust Us!” “No, Trust Us!” There are people out there who can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. However, before they do there are a few easy ways you can eliminate a lot of sharp salesmen prior to making that Brooklyn Bridge purchase.

The following rules will be useful for all of your Internet purchases, not just for the purchase of HGH.

  1. Contact information should be easily found on the web page. If not, run!
  2. Emails or phone messages to the vendor should be answered within 24 hours. If they want your business they’ll respond. It’s nice that some will offer contact information, but if they don’t respond, what good is that?
  3. Fast shipping, 3-5 day turnaround, from the time you click in your order to the time you receive your package. This is a sign that a company is on top of its game.
  4. Easy return policy or guarantee. If there is none, or if it has too many restrictions, don’t even consider purchasing from the company.
  5. Product information: an easily found “Ingredients” page. In the case of HGH, why should you have to search so hard to find the ingredients? Because maybe they don’t want you to discover, until you’ve purchased and have the bottle in your hand, that there is no HGH in their “HGH” product!
  6. Age of company. Scammers don’t last long, or they are changing their name every year or two.

Why Are Search Engine Results Overpopulated By Pill Vendors?

Money. When you sell an “HGH” product at HGH prices but don’t put the expensive HGH ingredient in it, your profit margins are incredible. That extra profit goes into Internet marketing so much so that physicians who offer HGH injections can’t compete. Similarly, oral spray vendors who have the extra expense of real HGH as an ingredient are also squeezed out.

Do Athletes Really Benefit From Using HGH?

With all the “noise” about human growth hormone use amongst athletes the answer would have to be “yes” there is some benefit from using it. How much benefit is another question. Is an athlete “sharper” when competing?

How much, and to what extent, of a difference it’s use makes will always be debatable. As athletes are always training to be in top physical shape one thing is certain:  if, only in their mind, it’s making a difference, then it’s definitely making a difference.

Judging by all the HGH use in every sport you can name, again the answer would be “yes.” But if an athlete is 1% sharper, does that small difference win the game? If he’s 10% sharper, does he make the cut?

Unfortunately for HGH users, it has gotten a very bad reputation because of its unfair media linkage to steroid use. Steroids are awful for the human body. Nobody disputes that. Steroids are not natural. Human growth hormone, however, is naturally produced in the body by the pituitary gland and is not dangerous at all. They are two totally different substances with two totally different effects.

Are athletes still using HGH? Yes they are. Many use 21st Century Homeopathic HGH Oral Spray. It’s totally undetectable by blood tests. 

What’s All The Fuss Over Deer Antler Velvet?

Many people including many athletes are turning to Deer Antler Velvet to recover from injuries quicker. Case in point, PGA Golfer Vijay Singh. Deer Antler Velvet is the fastest growing substance on planet Earth. It also mimics human IGF-1 levels.

Early on steroid users, mostly body builders, discovered that if they combined their steroid intake with HGH there would be a significantly enhanced effect in the packing on of muscles.

Many athletes procured HGH illegally and then combined it with steroids. So even though steroids are the bad guy, HGH got the broken nose. Steroids can be purchased without a prescription but HGH purchases needed a prescription. Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire grew huge, muscles beyond reason, not because of HGH but because of the steroids. They got busted by procuring human growth hormone illegally.

Most people don’t realize that it is not HGH that gives you the sought after youthful invigoration. It’s increased IGF-1 levels, produced by the liver in response to increased HGH, that yields the youthful invigoration.

So really, IGF-1 is the target substance to increase, not HGH, that brings the results every one is looking for whether you are a highly trained athlete or hard charging senior citizen. Deer Antler Velvet is the closest thing to human IGF-1 than anything else that exists. And that’s why people take it.

What About Your Two Products?

Our Original Formula is an oral spray that contains real HGH. It tells your liver to produce more IGF-1 which produces great results for as long as you take it. It does so very nicely. Seniors and those on a limited budget will find that it works just fine.

Our Advanced Formula is identical to the Original Formula except that it includes the additional ingredient of Deer Antler Velvet. The homeopathic (HPUS) name is Oleum Animale.

This formula does not rely on just the liver to produce more IGF-1, it actually puts it into the system. As a result this Advanced Formula works about 10%-20% better than the Original Formula. All athletes use the Advanced Formula as well as some seniors.

We appreciate your business!


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